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Before we get to the advanced seo strategies we need to start at the beginning. My seo company is based in Toronto and if i want o be found on search engines I have to be ranked for certain keywords. Keyword phrases such as, Toronto search engine optimization expert, seo expert or seo consultant. Each term or phrase has a difficulty rating. This difficulty rating is  a flexible rating as to how difficult it is to rank on the first page of Google to rank for that particular keyword phrase.

The difficulty rating is a complicated issue as there is no definite way to determine how difficult it is to rank on the first page for a keyword. But knowing what your most important keywords are that describe your business or site is the first thing in your seo efforts tat you must know. Deciding on which words to rank first is decided after prioritizing the keywords. So gather all the phrases that your customers use to find your site and then plan on the sequence of which keywords you will focus on for ranking.

The advanced part of seo comes after you have created and prioritized your phrases and you now have to implement off-site backlinking. This is a process whereby you place keywords in the form of text links ,image links or videos in order to get traffic to your site. These links not only get traffic to your site, these links also act as ‘vote’ or ‘recommendations’ for your site. These are the toughest but also the best links to get as Google views these links as a fan vote for your site. The more links and the more relevant these links are the better you ranking in the search engine results pages will be.

Search Engine Optimization Strategies
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Search engine optimization strategies are practiced by the worlds top companies. These strategies get positive results for countless entrepreneurs.




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