6 Copywriting Tips For Beginners

Copywriting  has been around for almost a century. You would think that in this digital age there would be no need or a minimal need for copywriting. After all, who reads anything, anymore, anyway? The truth is that there is now a greater need for copywriting and for those that have the skills of being a great copywriter can cash in  on the demand for copywriters.

Why is that we need copywriters in 2017 as much is we needed them before the internet age? Now more than ever the attention of your audience is becoming more and more difficult to capture and maintain. What better way than to implement convincing and persuasive copy to your audience to grab there interest and guide them to what you need them to do.

No matter if you are using online technologies to feed your sales pipeline with prospects, persuasive copy is and old technique that perfectly fits with modern-day advertising. If you are using email, video or websites to attract more customers, you must have the message, perfectly crafted by a copywriter to grow your business. The art of writing copy will never die.

If you are not using copywriting in your business, you are making a big mistake. Get to learn more about this skill and use the tips in your next marketing project.

Snatch your reader’s attention from the first line of your paragraph

Most visitors spend less than 30 seconds summing up the content of a website homepage before deciding whether to stay or go. There’s no time for waffling paragraphs about who you are, where you live and what a great weekend away you had with the crowd from the crochet club – unless of course your business is wildknittingholidays.com.

Get to the point as fast as you can. If you don’t convey your key message in the first few lines, don’t expect many people to be around to read them further on down the page.

Forget trying to win over your audience with long descriptive, romantic prose about the salubrious ambience of your pulchritudinous offer. They will only think you are stercorous (take my word for it, you really don’t want to be).

Short paragraphs are most effective on the web because they can be differentiated and skimmed at a glance.


Pretend that you are presenting to a board of executives and you have to make the sale quickly. This is the same idea when selling in print.

If you can manage these and you have a talent for the written word, you’ll be well on your way to creating copy that search engines and humans enjoy.

  1. focus hard on one high-performing key term per page instead of watering things down by trying to crowbar too many in
  2. get your meta data in good order for each page, using your chosen key term sensibly in each page’s <title> and <description> tags
  3. use your key term often enough so search engines and people get the picture… but not so often it sounds awful
  4. start your header and sub heads with your key phrase so search engines are in no doubt whatsoever what each page covers
  5. use emboldening, underlining and lists to make it clear to everyone concerned what’s the most important information on the page

Just remember SEO isn’t everything. It’s no good on its own. You need to bring direct marketing practices and principles into play too. Done right, SEO led on-site content will help drive loads of keen visitors your way. But if your content is rubbish, focusing too hard on SEO and not hard enough on what people need, they’ll leave without buying.


Do you wanna learn copywriting?
In this episode, we’re going to talk about really 6 copywriting tips that you can use if you’re a beginner, you’re wanting to learn copywriting.

In this video:
00:11 6 Copywriting Tips For Beginners
00:27 Tip #1: Write Lots Of Headlines
01:33 Tip #2: Understand Your Reader And Understand Your Audience
02:08 Tip #3: Make Specific Claims
02:59 Tip #4: Use Proof And Use Evidence In Your Copy
03:49 Tip #5: Tell Your Readers Where To Go!
04:22 Tip #6: Add Scarcity / Urgency In Your Copy

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